The Karlee Cup Cozy

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These cup cozies are the purrfect addition to your drink cup. If you're obsessed with coffee and iced chai teas as much as I am, you'll know how absolutely annoying it is when you're enjoying your drink throughout the portion of your day and notice your cup covered in condensation, dripping with water on your cup. The cozies are also an eco friendly alternative to using those cardboard slip covers places give out on their hot drinks.

These cozies fit just about any cup. I love using mine on my reusable grande and venti Starbucks cups.

Each cozy will feature a small faux leather label with the TKA logo.

***Due to the unique color variation in the yarn each cozy will look slightly different.

Cozy can be gently washed in the washer and set out to dry. 

**Cup not included**