Knit Pumpkin (Medium Teal)
Knit Pumpkin (Medium Teal)

Knit Pumpkin (Medium Teal)

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These knit pumpkins are perfect for fall decorations! Use them for Halloween decorations with your other spooky items, or as for your usual fall, rustic home decor.

These are small pumpkins, size approx. 4x3 inches. They are made of beautiful velvet and felt stems.

These pumpkins come in two styles: normal pumpkin with the ridges, and a round pumpkin. Each pumpkin, though look exactly the same, are all unique and no two are going to resemble the exact same just like real pumpkins.

This pumpkin is in the color: Medium Teal with a Tan stem

If requesting a wholesale order or custom amount email us!

These knit pumpkins are NOT dog toys!